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Episode 5 launched

Episode 5 launched!

30th april 2011 10.37pm
Invoiced till comments left before 10.30pm. Status updated undercut. :)

Free registered postage for spending above $80! 

Happy Shopping! :D

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Episode 3 launched

Episode 3 launched!

15April2011 2.56pm
Invoiced till comments left before 2.40pm. Status updated undercut. :)

If you have left a comment before 1.35am but did not receive an invoice, it means the item(s) is pending/sold out.

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Episode 2 launched

2ndApril2011 6.52pm
Status updated!
Invoiced till comments left before 6.45pm.
If you left a comment but did not get a reply, it means that the item is currently pending/sold out and there will be no backorder for the item.
Happy Shopping! :D 

Free Registered postage for spending above $80!

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Episode 1 launched

15/3/11 7.49pm
Status of items updated! 
One last pc of button me down shorts available! grab fast! :)

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